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White Tip Reef Shark on Elephant Head Rock, Similan Islands, Thailand

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White Tip Reef Shark on Elephant Head Rock, Similan Islands, Thailand

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On the first day of our Similan liveabaord trip on Manta Queen 6, Anita's reef was calling us for our first dive with near perfect conditions.

The day carried on like that with not a breath of wind. When discussing with the Captain where we could dive all when got back was "up to you, up to you" something every dive guide loves to hear from the Skipper!!!

Highlights on day 2 included a White Tip Reef Shark and a huge Marble Ray on Elephant Head Rock. Elephant Head Rock has always been one of the top dive sites to spot this night active shark that cleans the reef´s of injured and ill fish.

Then it was off to the Koh Bon West Ridge where the Captain suggested dropping on the North Ridge and drifting over the West Ridge, as ever, a good call. Then it was North to the Koh Tachai Dome! Was this weather for real? Would it hold out for Richelieu Rock?

It was still looking for it as we enjoyed our sunrise dive at the Tachai Dome. So after the dive, off we went the this world famous rock. What a day! Three great dives, it is hard remember everything as it was just too much going on there.

It was then one of my favorite parts of the trip which is the long sail back to Koh Bon Island through sun set and into the nights sky. To awake at such a beautiful island is special enough, but knowing we get to hang out there for a couple of sweet morning dives is something else.

After one final dive at the classic Boonsung Wreck near Khao Lak it was time to say our goodbyes to a truly fun group. But not before congratulating Lucy and Max on completing their Advanced Open Water Course, great job.

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