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Whaleshark spotted in Koh Tachai by Manta Queen 2 Divers during their live aboard trip

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Whaleshark spotted in Koh Tachai by Manta Queen 2 Divers during their live aboard trip

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Good Morning Similan Islands, Trip number 257, 3 days and 3 nights Manta Queen liveaboard

What a wonderful day to start with our first dive at Koh Bon Island. Going down for a check dive we saw Moray Eels swimming along us and Banded Sea Snakes going for a breath of fresh air on the surface. After we surfaced and dried ourselves on the boat our kitchen team blessed us with a 5 star breakfast. Our second dive at Koh Bon West Ridge, our PADI Advanced Open Water students took their first adventure and went down to 30 meter the first time. Everyone was surprised when the PADI Instructors on-board were telling the students to check their instruments and it showed 30 meters already, the water was so clear, it felt like we were at 10 meters. 

Our next and 3rd dive was at Koh Bon North Ridge. We found colorful Nudiebranchs and a big Napoleon Wrasse came along curiously watching us as we blow bubbles. 

We continued our journey to Koh Tachai Island. Some of us did the dive at The Dome of Koh Tachai and were rewarded with a Whale Shark circling them for 30 minutes. What a great gift to be diving with such a beautiful creature. We are hoping to see more of you again soon. 

Our PADI Advanced Open Water students then continued to dive at Koh Tachai Reef to conduct their Night Dive where they were accompanied by giant Morray Eels and lots of Shrimps attracted by the beam of their torches. A wonderful day comes to end.

Good Morning Richelieu Rock

Nothing beats a day waking up at Jean Cousteaus famous dive site, Richelieu Rock, covered in purple Soft Corals. Our first dive was a fun dive for everyone and oh boy was it fun. Who wouldnt want to swim along zillions of fishes and finding scorpion fishes everywhere... what a great start into a new day. Our second Dive was in Richelieu Rock again, there was still so much to see, we could have stayed for another several hours. Cuttlefishes were rivalling for their ladyfriends and our PADI Advanced Open Water students were rocking their Navigation Dive. For our Third Dive we went back to Koh Tachai Island to the Dome to see a big School of Barracudas and Huge Moray Eels. For their Buoyancy Training some of us went to Koh Tachai Reef for dive number four where they learned how to proper use their fins, swimming forward, backwards and doing turns on the spot.

Good Morning Koh Bon Hin Luang on the third day. We went for another beautiful aquarium like dive to 30 meters and we felt like we were flying as the water was so clear it felt like it wasn't there. We went to search for Stone Fishes and Leopard Sharks and back on the boat the probably best breakfast one can expect to have on a boat was served. We made our way to the Boonsung Wreck to discover perfect conditions. The visibility was exceptionally good and there was no current either. Fascinated by the beautiful color of the Honeycomb Moray Eels and the schools of fearless Porcupine Pufferfishes which nearly bumped into our masks as they were so curious to find out what strange bubbling creatures we were. We ended our Trip with a last dive at the Premchai Wreck and we could say, that was one of the best trips yet. 

Looking forward to see you here again for more amazing diving and for the oncoming Whale Shark and Manta Ray Season.

The Team of Manta Queen Two powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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