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Whaleshark sighting at Richelieu Rock!!!

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Whaleshark sighting at Richelieu Rock!!!

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Manta Queen 3 Similan Island Liveaboard Trip Number 216

The trip started on Similan Island no. 7 and we had a nice and easy check dive on West of Eden.

We had great visibility and had a bunch of cool stuff like spearing mantis shrimp and a giant frogfish. For the second dive we went to deep six where we had some pygmy pipe horse and some sharks. Third dive didn't disappoint us either as we went to The famous Elephant Head Rock and had a few white tip reef sharks and Mr and Mrs Ribbon Eel sharing the same hole, of course we did a bunch of cool swim throughs asweell. They first day ended with a cool night dive with some big lobsters and octopus.

Day two we did 2 dives in the north part of the Similan Islands. Christmas Point and North point and some groups where lucky to see some more sharks and a few turtles, and some people on the boat where doing there deep diver specialty course and had a massive marble Stingray down on 40 m.
After 2 morning dives and some beach time we sailed up to Koh Bon Island where we saw our almost resident leopard shark resting in the sand on Koh Bon Island North ridge.
We Finished the day with a great sunset dive at the Dome of Koh Tachai where we had some schooling barracudas and a seamoth crusing around on the top of the pinnacle.

Day 3 started with a early morning dive at The Dome before we where cruising up to the world famous Richeliue Rock. We had really good visibility and a bunch of cool stuff as always like seahorse, ghostpipe fish, Pineapple fish, frogfish and on the Sunset dive some groups where super lucky to see the biggest fish in the ocean Whaleshark hanging around and feeding on the plankton in the shallow.

Day 4 started with a cool dive at Hin Luang aka Koh Bon Island Pinnacle where we had the most venomous fish in the sea the stonefish and a octopus hanging around on the top. Second dive we did at Koh Bon Island West Ridge where we had a few napoleons cruising around.

We ended the trip with a awesome dive at what we call the fish soup aka Boonsung Wreck. It didn't disappoint anyone with lots of massive honeycomb morays, loads of cool nudis and just loads of schooling fish.

Thank you everybody for a great trip!!

Big congratulations to all the students onboard
Completed the PADI Open Water course and PADI Advanced Open Water course Tianyan Yi
Completed PADI Advanced Open Water course Lu Wang and Thomas Stumpner
Completed PADI Deep Diver Specialty course Uzi Osovskie
Completed the PADI Nitrox
Specialty course Zhad Zhihong, Jie Cai, Christoph Lang, Allison Sih, Jin yu Yang, Xiangguo Shen, Ying Li, Ying Zhang, Jun Yin, Yile Hu, Dian Zhang

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