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WAKEY WAKEY at Similan Islands

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WAKEY WAKEY at Similan Islands

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Manta Queen 5 Similan Island Liveaboard.

Day 1 started with check dive at Anita’s reef. Fields of garden eels were neat to watch. The “Whole roll of film” rock sits there impressively as always… Tons of Glassfishes & colorful fan corals add to the beautiful atmosphere. Dive 2 at West of Eden: We’ve spotted some very tiny & curious nudibranches sniffing up & moving around the coral rubble. Hypselodori Kanga was one of them. Dive 3 at Deep Six was awesome. A pair of male/female Ribbon eel, a spearing mantis shrimp close to it, dogtoothed tuna, giant trevallies, giant boxfishes, some lobsters & swimthroughs! Our night dive at Hideaway Bay was rewarding with a mission across white fluffy sand towards those mermaid statues, Tsunami monuments & Thai Zodiac monuments.

Day 2: WAKEY WAKEY! Wake up dive 7am @ Similan Islands best divesite ¨Elephant Head Rock¨. Tons of stacked granite boulders make numerous archways, tunnels & swim-throughs—
Certainly bring forth a magnificent landscape…A bonus for wide-angle photo-enthusiasts!! Dive 2 @ North Point at the northern site of the Similan Islands takes care of the macro enthusiasts! Pipefish & Pipehorse galore! We welcome a new addition to the resident Red Pygmy Pipehorse… a curious Green one was spotted close to it. It felt like Christmas again during dive 3 @ Christmas Point—Large granite boulder garden, overhanging granite shelves, bright & colourful soft corals decorate the landscape. Sunset dive 4 @ Turtle Rock was a hair-raising yet very enjoyable dive site for all of us! Plenty of swim-throughs, sloping granite boulder outcrop, canyons & small caverns did their job.

Day 3: 2 dives @ Koh Bon Island North & West Ridge, & our 11th dive at Boonsung Wreck…! Fish fish fish everywhere!

Return on time at the Khao Lak pier.

Stay happy, keep diving!

The Team of Manta Queen 5 and Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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