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Two Mantas, 2 Whale Sharks, a Black Tip Reef Shark and Naked Celebrations for Manta Queen 6 Trip 126, 15.04.14-18.04.14

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Two Mantas, 2 Whale Sharks, a Black Tip Reef Shark and Naked Celebrations for Manta Queen 6 Trip 126, 15.04.14-18.04.14

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Manta Queen 6 set to sea on the 15th with another full boat of guests, 12 divers & 1 snorkeler. Our snorkeler Janice eager to blow bubbles too, participated in a PADI Discover Local Diving program, which allowed her 2 dives at Koh Bon & a chance to get up close & personal with a turtle. 
Two Mantas, Whale shark and a black tip reef shark were seen at Koh Bon, a great start to the first day. We traveled to Koh Tachai for the sunset dive and early morning dive on Day 2.  The "Dome of Doom" lived up to it's reputation - strongest current experienced in a long time. We kept as sheltered as possible and enjoyed ornate ghost pipe fish, bat fish, "Barry" barracuda, giant puffer, juvenile sweetlips, Kuhl's ray and more.
We almost had Richelieu Rock to ourselves with only Manta Queen 1 for company and it was spectacular as always with big schools of trevally, barracuda, snapper and long-nose emperor providing lots of action.  Congratulations to Kjersti who celebrated her 100th dive here and braved the tradition of diving naked. Her boyfriend Christoffer joined in for moral support, but all this occurred away from prying eyes behind a secluded pinnacle, much to the disappointment of the rest of the group ;)  Kjersti kindly forward me a discreet photo for the blog as proof she did indeed bear all for the occasion, however I haven't been successful in uploading it...sorry boys. ;)
Our trip came to an end on Good Friday and what a good day it was!  We were in for a wonderful & very unexpected surprise at HTMS Pra Thong, when a curious 3m whale shark cruised by for a visit. I hope he or she is there to stay!
Three of our guests signed up for their Advanced certification and one for a Deep Adventure Dive.  Congratulations to Alexey, Felix, Clement and Jack respectively.
Thank you to everyone on board for an entertaining and enjoyable trip on Manta Queen 6.  Safe onward journeys and happy diving!

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