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Thank you team Russia and Ukraine for this great 4 days and 4 nights aboard Manta Queen 6

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Thank you team Russia and Ukraine for this great 4 days and 4 nights aboard Manta Queen 6

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The sword of the Andaman Sea. Manta Queen 6 AKA ¨Excalibur¨

The day is gonna come-says the prophecy. "Now that day has come. After an almost endless resting, the ¨Excalibur¨ (MantaQueen 6) was ready to be pulled out again from the safe pier of Khao Lak.. and by pulled I meant to say leave the pier by its own 2 engines.
The Knights of the Sword are all compressed air breathing experts, mostly from Russia and Ukraine (some of them are from Germany and Hungary ;) ) all ready to explore the Andaman Sea from the Similan Islands to the Surin Island National Park.

Day one starts by waking up for the dreamlike panorama, provided by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures (part of the's ok ;) ). White sandy beaches, palm trees, turquoise blue water sunshine, what else can you wish for?! Ah..of course,some fish!
The Excalibur is slowly making its way up towards north, whilst the dive staff is cherry picking from the best dive sites for their groups to enjoy.
I bet you can't dive in shorts and hang out wearing just a T-shirt all day around this time of the year in Russia ;) Napoleon wrasse, Hawksbill Ninja Turtle, Ribbon Eels, big scary Tunas, hundreds of Barracudas and all the other beautiful and not so beautiful (sorry, I know the Stonefish has feelings too, but that one looks like a used dirty chewing gum on steroids ;) creatures of the Similan Island National Marine Park.

Day 2 brings even more sunshine so we decide to visit the breathtaking Donald Duck Bay for a beach trip (you know that one from the postcards, what your friends used to send you to make you jealous when they are on holiday somewhere...but the best thing about this place is, that you can take a picture here with your eyes closed and without photoshopping, just rub it under their nose when you get back home :P )
Koh Bon Island and Koh Tachai Island offering their usual spectacular panorama but with even more fish than in the previous seasons...On the Dome we saw an incredibly large group of chevron barracudas which made me spit out my regulator.. but seriously. We have a saying in Hungary for ,,a lot" : ,,As many as the Russians"...but they were a lot more!!!

Day 3 at Richelieu Rock...well, what should I say. I've already explained the amount of Barracudas we saw before, but here the quantity came with the quality, because its not just the amount of fish but the variety of species which made us stop kicking around the pinnacle and just stare into the blue for a loooong time. Can't possibly describe the feeling..come and experience it!!!

Day 4 started at Koh Bon Hin Luang, the deep pinnacle of Koh Bon Island. Guys I think we woke up that big leopard shark, because all the small fish went crazy afterwards.. I mean if I was a small fish and a shark in that size would be around me, I'd probably emigrate somewhere else instantly.

Hahh..what about the famous Boonsung Wreck?! I won't tell you that, because I literally have no words to describe that soup of fish waiting for you if you finally decide to come and join us for a trip on The Sword of the Andaman.

Thank you for choosing us! Hope to see you all again soon!

The Team of Manta Queen 6 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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