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Thailand dive with amazing weather, sunshine and calm waters.

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Thailand dive with amazing weather, sunshine and calm waters.

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Thrilled with our dives and well fed with amazing breakfast of eggs and bacon and lunch we were full of curiousity with what we would find next. We started to make our way to Koh Tachai to dive the Dome of Doom.



The Dome did not dissapoint, among all the big schools of barracuda, soft coral, sea fans, there was some eagle rays, manta rays again and even a whale shark in Thailand dive. The atmosphere in the evening was very happy and satisfied with a amazing days diving, great people and good food.


During the night, the boat travelled to Richelue Rock and we slept there. We spent the day diving Richelue Rock, seeing a lot of nudi-branches, pipefish, ghost pipefish, moray eels, big schools of fusiliers, lionfish, scorpion fish, barracuda, batfish and even a seahorse.


After yet another successful day of diving it was beer-o-clock and everyone happily spent the night, talking, laughing and sharing stories and great food with our new made friends on the last evening. 


Our last Thailand dive day started in Koh Bon, with a stunning dive at Westridge again. There was banded seasnakes, big schools of tuna and trevally, nudi-branches and even a marble ray spotted. Sadly after Koh Bon it was time to head towards mainland again, but not without a thrilling dive at the Boonsung wreck and the Premchai wreck.


The wrecks were surrounded by pufferfish, porcupine fish and it seemed that out of every crack there was another honeycombed moray eel peeking. There was several different nudibranches spotted, checked into the in the nudi-branch hotel and lion and scorpion fish were keeping us on our toes. With such a successful Thailand dive trip, we made our way back to land with a heavy heart, back to land and said goodbye to our new found friends from all over the world. 


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