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Thailand dive with a wonderful sunrise over the limestone island

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Thailand dive with a wonderful sunrise over the limestone island

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After a beautiful dinner cooked by are amazing cook Mew, we took off even further up north to the Surin Narional Marine Park and slept the night under the stars with the gentle? rocking of the seas....

Morning of day two and the famous Richelieu Rock did not dissappoint with the trio of Tiger tail seashorse out for the photograpghers a like and even with a Pygmy pipehorse out and about which for most needed a closer look as some couldnt believe an animal could be that small. Upon closer inspection the wonders of the bright red moe hawk of the little treasure was an amazing photo opportunity...

As the day plodded along and people were playing in the flat seas of the Andaman Sea we got ready for dive number 3 of the day. As most groups headed over to the north wall some were heading from the west to the north to check out the local frogfish and were greeeted afterwards with what we all so desperatley coveted. THE WHALESHARK!!!!!!!!

So in the pristine waters around Richelieu Rock with 30m visibility all divers in the water got close encounters, cruising whaleshark at depth and also fly overs with the silouhette of the magnificent animal..... What a trip.. what a group of people!! enjoy your travels and see you soon for the next adventure on Manta Quieen 2!!!!!!!!‪


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