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Thailand dive release the kraken Manta Queen 7 5 days 5 nights

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Thailand dive release the kraken Manta Queen 7 5 days 5 nights

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A big congratulations to Nigel, Elodie, Zhu Shu and Wang Feng Zhou for completing their Advanced Open Water Courses on the boat and a big effort by all for reading their manuals in the sweels with sometimes exitting the saloon looking rather green... having a study break with the crwon on the dining deck and a few beers after diving they were ready to hit the books again...


On Day 1 Was the Loi Kratong festival, but being at sea without all the festivities on land we got to watch the boat crew make thier kratongs during the day and after dinner the lanterns were lit and set off into the night sky while the kratongs were set into the water....


Turtle Rock on day 4 was rockin' as a sunset dive with the lovely Paula upping the stakes with spotting the first Harlequin shrimps of the season..... Go Paula!!!!!!


The beautiful and always a crwod pleasing West of Eden was saved for the last day with the weather all cleared and flat seas for us to enjoy the western side of Island Number 7....Where there was once only a single Sea Moth in the sandy rubble at 22m, with great pleasure there was spotted a second along with the first on day 5.....many high fives for the people with cameras...


Premchai Wreck which was the final thailand dive of the trip was effected by the strong winds and waves and visibilty was lower than usual. Buddy teams stayed close and was a slow dive with many macro shots being taken of snout noce pipefish and nudibranch...

Thanks again to all who came aborad and the return guests for Khao lak Scuba Adventures Dean, hope to see you later in the season with blue skies and flat seas.....until next time.


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