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Thailand dive PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course on Manta Queen 7

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Thailand dive PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course on Manta Queen 7

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After another morning waking up in the Similan Islands we set out for Koh Bon while we all enjoyed a full on western breakfast with bacon, pancakes, eggs, fried tomatoes- the whole works! The sea gave most of the guests a chance to experience their first drift dive with no propulsion needed. We had three exciting dives there, getting to see all corners of The North Ridge, West Ridge, and another night dive in the Bay. After dinner, everyone joined together for drinks and a chat about how great of a trip it had been while sharing old dive stories together.


Day Three began at Koh Tachai, another one of the best spots on our trip, each dive offering more and more marine life and a bit more drift to add some adrenaline to the day. Hundreds of Barracuda surrounded us and the newly Open Water divers even saw their first MANTA RAY!!! After lunch, most the divers on board hopped on our private dingy and head out to the amazing Tachai Beach to relax in the sand and spend some time on dry land before heading back to the boat to see more of what Koh Tachai had to offer. By this night, half the guests spent the night under the stars, glorifying the majesty of the twilight in the night sky while resting in the Surin Islands.


Finally, Day four was here! The moment we had all been waiting for. Richelieu Rock! After a relaxed morning dive at Surin's Koh Chi, we made our way to the world famous site discovered by Jack Custo as he sailed around the world on the Calypso, finding and reporting all of what the world's oceans had to offer while bringing the sport of scuba diving to the mainstream.


Three dives here, each one better than the last. The photographers on board were astounded by the intense macro life as their guides found them tiger tail sea horses, orange-spotted pipefish, and a variety of ghost pipefish. Also there were the resident eels of all sorts, dozens of scorpion fish, a giant lobster, and even a turtle.


Surround the site were loads of schooling trevally, fusiliers, batfish, all of them hunting as they swept down in all directions, catching their next meal. Day Five, we woke up back at beautiful Koh Bon for a morning dive at it's underwater pinnacle 200 meters from the island itself. By now, everyone was sad to realize it was the final day of our voyage. Heading back to the mainland, we had our last two dives at local wrecks with a multitude of eel species, cuttlefish, fifty plus scorpion fish, peacock flounder, rays, and nudies galore!


All in all, another amazing trip upon the gorgeous Manta Queen 7! Five nights sailing the Andaman Sea, visiting some the world's best dive sites. Making new friends and hanging with old. Couples sharing a hard earned vacation. And meals to soothe every appetite. Many thanks to our amazing guests who made our trip just as enjoyable as theirs. We hope to see you all again soon! 


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