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Thailand dive Manta Queen 6 Trip 157 kick off at elephant head rock

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 6 Trip 157 kick off at elephant head rock

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We then made the best option to head south from Tachai to check out the action in the Similans! Manta queen 1, On a similar route, followed in out wake.


Daren, meanwhile, was coaching his customers on the use of nitrox. A great way to extend your bottom time on a dive and feel fresh on multiple dive liveaboard. It's available on all trips with the manta queen fleet.


On the final sunset dive of the day we drifted around island number 8. It was like stingray city with blue spotted rays gliding around the sandy areas.


Thailand dive On day 3 we kick off at elephant head rock. It's an amazing piece of architecture with majestic granite mountains bursting from the seabed. The site is also littered with lots of super-cool swim throughs to glide through. Some groups spot a white-tip shark circling beneath in the morning light and, again, Rays are lurking in sand.


On to North point and west if Eden. Our old friend the spearing mantis shrimp is back in business at west of Eden. As were two friendly turtles who swam by to check us out and say hi! It made the day of young Egor, a 13 year old Jnr AOW diving with me. I could hear his breathing speeding up as the turtle passed by!


We chilled by the beach for a couple of hours before a chilled sunset dive at Anita's reef and some dinner.


We decided to leave early the next morning for Koh bon. Koh bon's limestone walls make a super dive and today didn't disappoint either. On dive 1 the groups went to Koh bon pinnacle. The 'yellow rock' was as beautiful as always. Dive 2 was back at our old favourite, the west ridge. We entered a a big group on the south side. Captain P'Tum doing a great drop-off as usual and descended down into the ridge.


Schooling fish swarmed over the rocks and corals and we all hung there for a while taking in the amazing ambiance. Then as we headed north we gasped as a majestic Manta Ray swept by heading in the opposite direction. Everybody was punching their fists in the air (sorry, water!) as this amazing piece of aquatic life cruised by! Great trip!


Then more food (dive, eat, sleep, repeat: remember!) before a stop off at Boonsung on the way in. A great trip with many more to come. Book yourself on the Khao Lak scuba adventures fleet for a great trip!


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