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Thailand dive join KSA to complete in the PADI Dixcover Scuba Diving program

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Thailand dive join KSA to complete in the PADI Dixcover Scuba Diving program

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With a beautiful sunset we continued sailing further up north to the fantastic Richelieu Rock where we did our next four dives. We had a really awesome morning dive jumping at 6.45am with no other boats around and after about 20mins into the dive the 'biggest fish' in the ocean comes swimming by.



The majestic Whaleshark follwed by a group of cobias adn it was swimmming around the dive site the whole day so everyone got a glimpse of it.. Other spottings we had wee of octopus, turtle, seahorse, cuttlefish, ghost pipfish and a variation of morey eels..


The last day we woke up at Koh Bon again to do the morning dive at the Pinnacle outside of Koh Bon Island called Hin Luang, which means Yellow Rock in Thai as it is covered by yellow soft corals.



The most special creature we have on this dive site was 'Stewie" as we call him which is the resident Stonefish which lives there and its the most venemous fish in the ocean. Other spottings were octopus and some really colourful nudi's. 


Second dive we headiong close in to Khao Lak for the Boonsung Wreck. Where we had some people doing their navigation dive for their Advanced Open Water Course. Boonsung Wreck had as usual some crazy creatures, like the honeycomb morey eel, blue spotted sting rays, cuttlefish, spearing mantis shrimp, squids and a couple of giant cobias.


Last dive of the trip we did on the Premchai Wreck where some people finished their Advacned Open Water course with a wreck dive.. A Big congratulations to Max, Markus and Tomas for completing their PADI Advanced Open Water Course with fantastic Instructor from Sapin Paula. Also to Julie for doing her Deep Adventure Dive.


OUt of the normal we had a few non divers on this trip who wanted to take part in the PADI Dixcover Scuba Diving program.. Well done to Charlotte and MIchele for completing the Program.



Marie not only completed the Program but continued diving for the rest of the trip and was so lucky to see the Manta at KOh Tachai on only her 3rd dive.. Next time she comes back am sure she will have many more dives....and another diver is born......


Big thanks for everyone for a fantastic trip on MANTA QUEEN 2

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