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Thailand Dive congratulations on your new diving certifications Manta Queen 3 trip 144

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Thailand Dive congratulations on your new diving certifications Manta Queen 3 trip 144

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If you have been thinking of diving in this part of Thailand be sure to check us out at We have six liveaboard boats to serve your needs, and with early season visits from multiple Mantas and a Whalesharks already this year, it is shaping up to be a great season. We offer three day, four day and five day diving safaris featuring the best sites in the Similan and Surin Islands, as well as a few shipwrecks too!


We have to congratulate quite a few divers this time around, as we had nine courses going on board. Stuart completed his PADI Open Water course and then went straight into his Advanced course and completed that too! Other Thailand Dive PADI Advanced Open Water students included Emily, Alicia, Mojca and Marcus. Greg, Andrew and Jens all completed their Nitrox course on board and were among the 11 divers breathing enriched air Nitrox during the dives. Way to go guys, congratulations to all of you on your new diving certifications!

Manta Queen 3 is going out again tomorrow to begin another four day adventure. Come and join us as soon as you can. We have some very special (BIG!!!) underwater friends that just can't wait to meet you...






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