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Thailand dive completing open water course with instructor Anna

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Thailand dive completing open water course with instructor Anna

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West of Eden is our second dive where we get to see spearing mantis shrimp and colourful ribbon eels, next door we continue the diving on Island 7 at the well known Deep six.

The night dive was changed to a calm spot around Island 4 as the current at Hideaway bay was too strong, but still the dive was good with plenty of morays and lobsters.


Day 2 begins at the awesome Elephant head rock between Island 7 and 8, after which we went further north to Donald Duck bay on Island 8 for the beach visit and where Merce's group Eguski and Igor have the opportunity to do their advanced open water navigation dive, meanwhile Anna continues with Neri to finish her confined water training for her open water course.

Continuing the day we finish with the Similans at the colourful Three trees with turtles and beautiful soft corals. Moving further north we stop at Koh Bon for some Manta spotting but no luck this time so we move to the amazing island of Koh Tachai.


Tachai proved to be awesome one more time as we do the sunset dive we were greeted once more by a whale shark and hundreds of barracuda.

Day 3 continues where we left of yesterday and the dome of Tachai rewards us once more with manta rays so we decide to stay here and try our luck for a third dive on this incredible dive site. While waiting for the divers to return we had a huge black and white manta cruise past the boat just below the surface.


So off to Richelieu rock for our last two dives of the day.

Being one of Thailands top ten dive spots, Richelieu rewarded us today with perfect conditions ....almost no current and excellent visibility to fully appreciate the underwater spectacular of colourful soft corals and the myriad of fish life that awaited us. If you like to see cuttlefish this is the place to go.

Day 4 is of to an early start with an early dive on Hin Luang ( yellow rock in Thai). This rock pinnacle situated just offshore from the Island of Koh Bon rises up from the seabed at 45 metres and reaches up to about 20 meters below the surface, a short dive dive but worth the effort to see the hungry trevallies and rainbow runners hunting as the sun comes up, here also there is a chance to see leopard sharks and blotched fantail stingrays cruising in the deep.

After breakfast our last opportunity at Manta spotting on the west ridge of Koh Bon before we set course for the Boonsung wreck just of the Pakarang cape near Khaolak.

Congratulations go to Neri for completing her open water course with her instructor Anna, also Igor and Eguzki for completing Advanced open water with their instructor Merce and Craig for continuing his education in Enriched air Nitrox diving.

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