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Thailand dive Advanced Open Water Course with Divemaster Trainee Shash

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Thailand dive Advanced Open Water Course with Divemaster Trainee Shash

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Richelieu was rockin' as normal and for the first trip this season it actually felt like it was back on form with zero swell and 30m visibility... the schools of fish were massing the divers on the inside of the horse shoe, with the company of many cuttlefish getting in their mating while the weather is right....


With being one of the only animals in the underwater world along with octopus that can change not only their colours but also their texture on their skin the sight with 1 female and up to 6 males vying for her attention...


Hin Luang on the last day was beautiful with its carpeting of yellow soft corals and the feeding frenzies of the blue fin trevelly. Many octopus were around on the top of the pinnacle and with the ever difficult to find stonefish..


Boonsung was the first of two wreck dives on the final day. The visibility was a tad more challenging than normal, but the wreck was stil teeming with fish. As usual there were plenty of puffer fish, honeycomb moray eels and schooling fish, but on this occasion we were nicely surprised by a pair of cobia.....


Our Divemaster Trainee Shash this trip was assisting Jacobo with his Advanced Open Water Course, also getting in his frist briefing in front of a crowd of certified divers... with lots of support from everyone they gave him a big hand of applause.. well done Shash....


If anyone would like to hear about being DMT from a trainees point of view please look up his blog 

A big thank you to everyone who came out for this trip and a big congratulations to all who completed courses on board with our instructors.... all welcome back

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