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Special thanks to our Hong Kong Group on one of our best charters ever!

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Special thanks to our Hong Kong Group on one of our best charters ever!

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Similan Island Charter Manta Queen 2

This is perhaps the first time in history of Khao Lak Scuba Adventures that we have a Chinese blog! Accompanied by the sound of our laughter and twelve guests from Hong Kong and set sail from the dock of Khao Lak began three days of diving adventure.

With the beautiful sunrise at the Similan Island of Koh Bon and the sea breeze blowing we began the first day of diving at the Koh Bon West Ridge. Here we see in the three dives large snakes, humphead napolean wrasse, and cute fish box, and there are many different types of eels and nudibranchs. The first day of the last dive we sail to the famous Koh Tachai Island. Many big fish in the evening will come out prey, and the scene is very spectacular. Here we see the flocks of trevally, tuna, large parrot fish, and sea turtles as well.

The next day after the first dive we visited onto Tachai Island, easily the most beautiful beach in the region. Two hours later we came to the very famous dive sites in Thailand Richelieu Rock. Although the relationship between the full moon and tides visibility is not very good but we still feel the different colors of large soft coral swaying in the water of beauty. Here we met a lot of great marine life, to find the common frog fish is not easy to see there is a very cute ghost pipefish, and pinecone fish.
After the second day our dive boat began a big party. These 12 friends from Hong Kong have known each other for many years-laughter really is a wonderful thing.

On the final day of the trip we end our diving at the amazing Boonsung Wreck, with tons of fish it is always the best way to say an emotional goodbye and end this awesome trip.
Love you guys! Look forward to meet again next time! !

Dive Eat Sleep Repeat + Drink a lot! You guys are awesome and amazing!

Love you all!!

Daren, Mattias, Nathalie and Ya, Team of Manta Queen 2

Special thanks from Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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