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Similan Islands - Manta Queen I - First trip of the year 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Similan Islands - Manta Queen I - First trip of the year 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Third day, morning dive in Koh Tachai and then amiziiiiiiiing Richelieu Rock wich is getting more interesting. Every trip is found something else. Now ghost pipe fish are gone, but instead we have the visit of a little Sea Horse and our amazing harlequin shrimps.

Last dives of the first trip of the year were made in Koh Bon pinnacle and BoonSung wreck which still for me is the cherry on top of the cake. That wreck has so much life that every body onboard comes up with the biggest smile ever. Our massive ghost pipe fish still there with its kiddo, plus couple of frog fish and all that orde of nudibranches, porcupine fish, lion fish, honeycome morays  and snappers and much much more makes this dive one of the best ones.













































Thanks to all of you for coming guys, you were an amazing group. And Special congratulations to Matty to become Open Water diver and deep diver, and as well to Frances, Edward, Ray and Jaibang for becoming Advanced Open water divers!!!! :D

Legendary!!!!!! :D




















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