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Similan Island New Years Trip

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Similan Island New Years Trip

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Our last trip of the year, but also our first trip of the year started with the usual fireworks while we were leaving the harbor with a boat full of divers from all over the world. Represented on this trip are China, Japan, Russia, Singapore, France, Brazil, Germany, the States and even Thailand. Many divers are doing a course, so there is a lot of studying being done during the new year. Our first day of this three day trip starts in Koh Bon where we do our first two dives of the day. We continue to Koh Tachai and dive ‘the Dome’, always a favorite with many divers. On the last day of the year we decide to do a night dive instead of a sunset dive and explore the reef of Tachai island where we find lots of lion fish, nudibranchs and schools of fusiliers, a great dive! New Year’s Eve is being celebrated at different times for everybody, from 11pm until about 9am the next morning. Most of us are so tired from the first day diving that we’re asleep before midnight though. One more dive on the Dome the next morning and we’re off to the Similans. We even get to spend some time on the beach!! The swim throughs just outside Donald Duck Bay on our last dive are everybody’s favorite, what a way to start the new year!
On our last day we dived the amazing Elephant Head Rock where we were lucky to find two seamoths, stingrays, moray eels and lots more. We finished our trip on the Premchai Wreck with cuttlefish, loads of lion fish and a honeycomb moray. A very good trip with a very good crowd! Congratulations to all our students; Julia for becoming an Open Water Diver, Andy, Christian, Lulu, Ye and Taro for finishing your Advanced Open Water Course and team Japan are now Nitrox divers. Well done everybody and Happy New Year!!

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