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Similan Island Charter trip from Hong Kong

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Similan Island Charter trip from Hong Kong

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Similan Island Charter aboard Manta Queen 3

We set sail for four days of adventures with a chartered boat of 17 friends from Hong Kong - we already know this is going to be a fun trip!

We started our adventures down in the beautiful Similan Islands with 2 dives on Island #7 at West of Eden and Deep Six, where we saw baby frogfish, turtle, pipefish, spearing mantis shrimp and of course beautiful coral and awesome swim through. Next we moved north to the infamous Elephant Head Rock, there was a tricky current but we still managed to see barracudas and eels, plenty of surgeonfish and tons of moorish idols swimming with their twin butterfly fish. We then moved up to Island #8 and did a night dive on Beacon Reef where we saw lobsters, crabs, eels, lionfish and with the UV torches we saw a new glowing reef - very cool!!

Day 2 and we're still in Similan Islands on Island #9 for two dives on North Point and Christmas Point, these amazing boulders always please the crowd, with their gigantic size and variety of fish we always have happy guests. Especially when you get to see whitetip reef shark like some groups did! We also saw Napoleon wrasse, octopus sea mouth and more cool swim throughs.
In between these dives the gang all headed up to Sail Rock view point on island #8 to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Similan Islands.
We then headed up to Koh Bon where we were treated to sweetlips, maldivian sponge snail, fusiliers all over the place and too many trevallies to count. Last dive of the day and we're already up at Koh Tachai, and as usual sunset dive here is off the scale! Barracudas everywhere, trevallies hunting with their friends the Emperor fish, and the resident sea mouth marking his territory on top of the Dome.

We stayed in Koh Tachai for the night so we could do one more dive on The Dome - but this time we could enjoy the full extent of this site for our first dive of the day and get down to the deeper areas. Beautiful conditions, not much current, and we were greeted with more barracudas and batfish, along with a turtle, and of course tons of fusiliers and snappers and herds of goat fish! Then off we sailed up to the world famous Richelieu Rock and boy were we in for a surprise- WHALESHARK!! Yes the biggest of all fishes came to say hello to our divers, and if that wasn't enough we had mating tunas and clouds of trevallies, too many snappers to count, and many more, no wonder we have to stay for 3 dives at Richelieu Rock, and even that isn't enough!

Overnight we sailed back to Koh Bon for two more dives on our last day, this time we saw the resident Leopard shark up on North Ridge and Napoleon wrasse, scorpion fish, eels and Maldivian sponge snails everywhere! Last dive of the trip was at Boonsung Wreck - top way to end a top trip! This place is "Fish Soup" so many fish we don't know where to look we literally had to push the fish out of the way!

Congratulations to our newly certified PADI Nitrox Divers Herman, Chui, Francis and Jacky!

We hope you guys enjoyed the trip as much as we did, see you next year!

Best Fishes,

The Team of Manta Queen 3 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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