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Once agaian: Manta Trip!

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Once agaian: Manta Trip!

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Manta Trip!

We have sailed from Khao Lak pier with 16 great guests from all over the world. Germany, France, US, Italy, Austria.

First day we woke up at Koh Bon Island where we did 3 amazing dives. All of this dives were filled with Manta Rays.
It was the new moon about a week ago and I guess Mantas like it as they were everywhere starting from the first dive.
Besides Manta Rays we saw octopus, marble rays, leopard shark, sponge snails, different nudibranches and lobsters.
All the people on board were extremely happy but the best was waiting ahead.

Sunset dive in Tachai Island with 6+ Manta Rays playing around us, cleaning and coming so close to divers that it even felt personal.
Absolutely amazing breathtaking moments!!

Next day 2 dives in Richelieu Rock where we found frog fish, seahorse, cuttlefish, cleaner pipefish and huge jenkins stingray resting at the bottom. Instructor Chris even found brand new tiger tail seahorse. Awesome!
Back to Tachai Island where we probably had the best Manta show of the season with 9+ Manta Rays everywhere. We spend probably only 5 minutes of total 60 minute dive time without seeing any Manta Rays. I can not describe emotions and feeling that were going inside us while we were watching this fantastic, graceful, mysterious creatures.
Sunset dive in Koh Bon Island with hundreds of trevallies huntinting, sea snakes, napoleon wrasse.

Last day morning dives in Koh Bon Hin Luang and North Ridge gave as marble rays, stone fish and of course more Manta Rays, few of them were the biggest I have ever seen - easily 6m across!!!! WOW!
Final dive in Boonsung wreck with nudibranches, armies of pufferfish and millions of other fishes is always great last dive!

Congratulations to all brand new PADI Advanced divers!!
Also big congrats to Carla and Rodolfo for becoming PADI Nitrox divers.

We love you all! Piece!

Matt & Judith and Manta Queen 2 Team

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