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MQ6, Trip 120 - Woohoo! Magnificent Mantas & Wondrous Whalesharks

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MQ6, Trip 120 - Woohoo! Magnificent Mantas & Wondrous Whalesharks

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 Our first dives proved fruitful at Koh Bon with 3 majestic mantas seen flying around the Ridge & surrounding areas. Manta mania ensued with another sighting at Tachai Dome later that day along with a glorious spiraling school of Chevron Barracuda. 







Richelieu Rock held up it's reputation as the top divesite in Thailand when it presented 2 whale sharks to keep us enthralled & buzzing with excitement. Our guests couldn't get enough & snorkeled with them between dives. In between Whally sightings, cuttle fish, seahorses, ghost pipe fish and much, much more was enjoyed by our divers. 
We descended into clear waters on day 3 at Hin Luang off Koh Bon, with perfect conditions for a stunning & relaxed morning dive. During our slow ascent we had a nice surprise as a 3m whaleshark came cruising across the pinnacle below us, followed shortly by a 4m manta circling the top of Hin Luang.  Needless to say our safety stop was extended by another 10mins. A second ray was also spotted in the distance before we broke the surface and we're guessing from the size and colour it may have been a mobular ray. The bar of expectations has certainly been raised a notch or two!
Congratulations to Sinnova on completing her 200th dive and to David & Samantha for braving the deep on their Adventure Dive. 
Big thanks to all our guests on board for a lovely trip, from all the crew on MQ6. Safe onward travel and happy diving!

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