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MQ2 Christmas Trip!!!

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MQ2 Christmas Trip!!!

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We started  off at Koh Bon, and I must say, there is nothing quite like that first giant stride entry of the trip...



After a few dives and a very entertaining octopus we moved North to Koh Tachai. A few of us did the night dive, but most opted for a sunset dive on Tachai Pinnacle instead. Tournedos out to be a good choice, with huge schools of Chevron Barracuda circling overhead, and hundreds of Emperor fish and Trevally hunting below. A few Giant Moray Eels were out early, beginning to hunt in the fading light, and there seemed to be virtual rivers of Fusiliers were cruising by throughout the dive:


The next morning saw a dive on the North Pinnacle at Tachai for most of us, with beautiful sea whips and soft coral all around. Magnificent.

Three dives at the famous Richelieu Rock rounded out the day, with all of our favorite characters making an appearance. Cuttlefish, Devil Scorpionfish, pipefish and really small baby Yellow Spotted Boxfish were all there. We even had the Harlequin Shrimps again. So cute!

Christmas Eve dinner was really nice, pasta, salad and mashed potatoes. Everyone enjoyed. What's not to love???



The last day brought us to Koh Bon Pinnacle for the Christmas morning dive. What a gift that dive site always is, with schooling Fusiliers and Tunas, and a very special treat, four Stonefish! Usually we just see our favorite resident Stonefish named Stewie. He was there, Along with three others. I guess we'll have to name them Quagmire, Lois and Peter. We are now working on the entire Family Guy cast!

The last dive was on the Boonsung Wreck. Freckled Frogfish, Spearing Mantis Shrimp, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Honeycomb Moray Eels... What else can I say? So good every time!

Congratulations to Dawn-Marie, Catherine, Roger and Daniella for completing their PADI Advanced Open Water course on board! Angela and David became newly certified Nitrox divers, having completed their Enriched Air Diver course on board as well. Awesome! :-) we hope to see you all again in Manta Queen 2, using your new-found skills. Until next time... Keep calm and DIVE ON!



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