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MQ 2 Trip 106

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MQ 2 Trip 106

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 Our final full day had already arrived which meant Richelieu Day. This is the best day to take photo's under water as well as on the boat as everybody is bouncing around with smiles on there faces. Wonderful visibility and the ever increasing amount of cuttlefish on this rock is amazing. Each trip we have seen different cuttlefish laying eggs around the rock. This leads to entertaining viewing as the male cuttlefish is in protective mode lifting up his tentacles giving us a familiar gesture to back off, yet most customers see this as the perfect picture time. A fantastic day spent with the best dive site in Thailand is always rewarding and available to all. 


With the final last to dives meaning that Kumiko and Alex where able to finish there advanced course the trip was completed in style. A big congratulations to both of you and we look forward to seeing you at 30m again. Finally i would like to say a big thank you to all the guests and hope that Loy Krathong brings you good fortune in the future and maybe another trip with us :)


Cheers Andy 

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