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MQ 2 Trip 103

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MQ 2 Trip 103

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With Pasha doing his trumpet impression down the corridor everyone was wide awake for the second day and luckily for them what a day we had. Another easy dive to the deeper side of Koh Tachai The Dome and off to the famous Richelieu Rock. After explaining that this is the best dive site in Thailand you could already tell underwater that the customers agreed. With Emma noticing a grumpy devil scorpion fish down at 30m the first dive was as always a huge success and a favourite site for many customers. 


Two more perfect dives on Richelieu Rock with many highlights for each customer, with the first harlequin shrimps of the season enjoying eating their blue sea star and a small red FROG FISH (now known as Andy the Frog Fish) found up in the shallows on the last dive.


A BIG thank you to all the customers on the boat for making this such an amazing trip. The atmosphere on the boat was incredible and its such a shame it had to end. Congratulations to Gregory for completing his Open Water and Advanced Course, to Nicole N for completing her advanced course, Nadine and Andreas for experiencing their first deep adventure dive and Kivi and Maarten for venturing out for their first adventure night dive. 

Thanks again and hope to see you again. 





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