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MQ 2 Open Water Surprise

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MQ 2 Open Water Surprise

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Our Final full day of diving had arrived in style with amazing conditions at The Dome allowing us to swim over to the 3rd pinnacle. This is basically an underwater garden with such an array of beautiful corals and in the background a school of 50 barracudas chilling out in the blue. After this we headed of to everyone favourite Richelieu Rock to go diving on Thailand's fish heaven. With zebra morays, white eyed morays, giant morays all over the over populated rock you are always going to find something new each dive. Two incredible dives and we headed back to Koh Tachai for a night dive with barry not letting us down by entertaining us while he hunted. 


Our last day and another two lovely dives at Koh Bon Pinnacle and the Boonsung Wreck where a 1m group swam straight up to my face as if to have a staring competition then turned around and swam away. I'm not completely honest what he was trying to achieve but it was a really cool experience. A big congratulations to Laura and Daniel for completing there Open water course. Svetlana and Vladimir for completing there advanced open water and nitrox course and Angelique and Kimberlly for also completing there nitrox course. A big thank you to everyone and please come back again soon. :)


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