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Mind blowing diving at the Similan Island National Marine Park

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Mind blowing diving at the Similan Island National Marine Park

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Manta Queen 3, 4 days and 4 nights Similan Island Liveaboard trip number 220 mind blowing diving!

24th April 2016

First day in the Similan Islands National Park and 4 incredible dive sites. Dive 1 'West of Eden' we had warm and calm water and already the fish are happy to see us. Plentiful marine life, gorgeous healthy coral and huge sea fans created the perfect ambiance for the first dive of the trip and all the divers were happy to see the spearing mantis shrimp. Dive 2 'Deep Six' was just as beautiful and full of diverse marine life. Dive 3 'Elephant Head Rock' was the divers favorite site of the day filled with swim throughs, and on the bottom waiting for us was a group of white tip reef sharks putting on a show for us, along with the ribbon eels, stingrays, giant barracudas, titan triggerfish and the never ending school of large and small fish truly was the dive of the day. Just when the guests thought the first day couldn’t get any better we are going for a night dive, shallow and short but brilliant nonetheless, squid, lobsters, free swimming moray eels, emperor crabs, tiny shrimp are all but a few of the amazing sea life seen during the last dive of the day.

25th April 2016

Day 2 and down into the mysterious depths of 'North Point' where the divers found octopus, barracuda, turtles, white tip reef sharks and a favorite amongst the divers the clown fish and other species of anemone fish. After dive 1 the guests were treated with a surprise beach visit, everyone marveled at the beauty of the beach and the amazing view from 'Sail Rock' a popular view point in the Similan Islands Donald Duck Bay. Dive 2 was 'Christmas Point' and just like during christmas our divers were spoilt with a large group of 10 Khul Stingrays who were so kind as to elegantly escort us throughout the dive. Now with the Similans Islands behind us we travel to 'Koh Bon' an island fabled for diving and Dive 3 was 'Koh Bon West Ridge' where the vibrant colours and quantity of marine life left the guests fully satisfied. So much to do so little time, we had to leave Koh Bon and make our way to Koh Tachai for the last dive of the day a sunset dive at 'The Dome', immediately after descending we were surrounded by a huge school of barracuda and was simply spectacular, visibility was great and current was not strong all in all an amazing day of diving.

26th April 2016

Day 3 and good morning Koh Tachai, Dive 1 was 'The Dome' part 2, back down into the mysterious depths of the Koh Tachai Pinnacles, another spectacular dive and a surprise visit from a huge Manta Ray which got everyone buzzing and felt like that was the best dive of their lives, smiles all around the boat and the happy atmosphere after Dive 1 was simply contagious. Dive 2 was 'The Dome' part 3 , hoping to see the Manta rays but instead had 2 hawksbill turtles put on quite the show. The morning dives done and a boat full of super excited divers we set Richelieu Rock in our sights, for Dive 3 at 'Richelieu Rock', the guests had high expectations and were surely not disappointed, the dive site was just buzzing with life everywhere you look, beautiful healthy corals, vibrant colours, schools of fish left right and center. Heading down we saw rare marine life such as a pineapple fish, frog fish, sea horses, ghost pipefish, cleaner pipefish, large schools of great travely , rainbow runners, large and small moray eels. Dive 4 'Richelieu Rock' part 2 and just as good as dive 1 and the guests fell in love with the dive site and wanted to stay.

27th April 2016

Day 4 and the last day of diving, sulky faces in the morning of the last day but after the first dive of the day which was once again Koh Bon's amazing 'Hin Luang' those big smiling faces which we have come to love were back, this dive site never disappoints and the beautiful yellow corals on the rock left the divers mesmerized, harlequin shrimps were the talk of the dive and were described as the cutest thing the divers have ever seen, then there was the grumpy stone fish. Dive 2 and once again the amazing 'West Ridge' and the divers enjoyed a drift dive along the wall, just admiring all the marine life and the amazing colours and coral as the next and last dive was 'Boonsung Wreck' which was filled with moray eels, lion fish, bearded and devil scorpion fish and many schools of all sorts of fish, the perfect way to end the trip.

Congratulations to the students who completed the courses on board:

PADI Open Water Course: Rocio
PADI Advanced Open Water Course: Marcel and Marie
PADI Deep Diver Speciality Course: Jonathan and Diana
PADI Nitrox Diver Course: Marcel and Will

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