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Manta/ Whale Shark Combo - Manta Queen 3 (1/5/14 -> 5/5/14)

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Manta/ Whale Shark Combo - Manta Queen 3 (1/5/14 -> 5/5/14)

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The first day was a nice introduction to the flora and fauna here, starting on Anita’s Reef as usual and a chance to get into the swing of things before we move onto the more challenging dive sites. Finishing things off with two great dives on West of Eden and Deep 6 before our one and only night dive back at Anita’s Reef and a well deserved dinner. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0044h.jpg        b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0041.JPG


“Unfortunately” (and do take note of the inverted commas) we changed the schedule slightly on the second day. It started as usual with a dive on Elephant Head Rock, one of the best dives in the Similans, full of swim-through’s, sharks, stingrays and the squashed birds also known as seamoths. Then we skipped Christmas Point and headed straight up to Koh Bon for two dives (this change in schedule is the unfortunate part), where after jumping we did the were greeted with sea snakes, napoleon wrasse, oh and a manta ray!!! Second dive and as luck would have it the manta ray was still around and though it didn’t stay for long we gave us a couple flyby’s before taking off into the blue.  Last dive was back to normal on Koh Tachai definitely one of the nicest dive sites covered in fish and coral.


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The third day was Richelieu day, why do only three dives there when you can do four? With that in mind we woke up nice and early at Richelieu ready to dive. Apart from all the amazing stuff that you can see their (which I could list at length but I don’t want to cause too much jealousy) one of the local whalesharks must’ve been feeling a bit lonely and decided to come by  to hangout. What a great surprise. No sign of him on the second dive but he did come back on the third dive before heading off to wherever whalesharks like to hangout in between trips to Richelieu.


The last night on the boat and chef definitely out did himself with a feast for all us, leaving everyone happy with full bellies and a great day of diving.





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 Awesome shot of a bumblebee shrimp to the top left. So much great macro to find here at the moment. Also a nice bonus when there are whale sharks and manta around to look at as well.




Last day and we dived on two ship wrecks. The first one (Boonsung) we had all to ourselves for the morning dive as no other boats had a chance to get out there yet. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0037.JPG       b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5095_20140505-121655_1.JPG


 Last dive on the Premchai Wreck and a great chance for everyone to finish off the trip. Everybody nice and relaxed and really confident after a trip with some surprises from mother nature but in the end the fish were great and the weather was usually on our side.




A very big thank you to everyone on the boat. I hoped everyone had a great time. Congratulations to all the new Advanced Divers and those who completed a Deep Adventure Dive.


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5091_20140505-121836_1.JPG        b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0087.JPG


 Peace and love and a special shout out to our birthday boy on the boat, celebrating above with a nice ticket to the 'gun show'.

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