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Manta Ray at Koh Bon spotted by Manta Queen 5

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Manta Ray at Koh Bon spotted by Manta Queen 5

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Manta Queen 5 Trip # 56 - MANTA RAY @ KOH BON ISLAND!!

Another amazing trip on Manta Queen 5. Leaving the pier at Khao Lak I could tell this group of new found friends was going to have a great trip. From the start everyone meshed really well. Most relatively new divers were filled with anticipation of what the next three days would bring them! They were not let down one bit at all.

We started the trip in the Similan Islands at Anita's Reef. The conditions couldn't have been better. After our get to know each other dive we were off to West of Eden and the always steady Spearing Mantis Shrimp. Just another chance to look into those incredible endless eyes. Shortly after that we were greeted by the green monster, although the temperature dropped 4 degrees C everyone really enjoyed the experience. Deep Six for the next dive and a really cool night dive at Hideaway Bay. The chatter around the dining area was awesome along with some of the best Thai food in the fleet.

Day 2 was even better. Started off at the most stunning dive site in the Similan Islands, Elephant Head Rock with its long channel and amazing swim throughs. A Whale Shark was even spotted close to the surface by a couple divers. On to Three Trees where we spotted some Kuhls Stingrays and got to view a field of garden eels and even got to hang with a turtle feeding for a few minutes. He was intrigued by a camera and decide to try to eat eat it which made for so me great video. Christmas Point was next and everyone just loved those huge granite boulders. There was only a minor current which let us get up close and personal with the many schools of giant travallies. The sunset dive was at Turtle Rock where we dove as many swim throughs as we could find. The perfect way to end the day of diving on a liveaboard at the Similan Islands Marine Park.

Day 3 at Koh Bon Island. We decided to jump at North Ridge for the first dive and everyone was so happy we did. About halfway through the dive we re lucky enough to get about 5 good minutes with a Manta Ray. Second dive we dove Koh Bon West Ridge and had a chance to to explore the cracks and crevices of the West Ridge wall. For our last dive of the trip we headed towards Khao Lak to dive Boon Sung Wreck. Eveyrone just loved the fish soup there. Unlimted schools of many kinds of fish. Puffers, Batfish seemed quite curious with some of us. The Honeycomb Morays were everyones favorite.

Back to the pier and then the office to say our goodbyes. We'll miss this great bunch of people.

Congratulations to our students Stephanie and Sergio are now PADI Open Water divers. Erika, Fabio and Nield all PADI Advanced Open Water. Hannah and Aaron on their honeymoon along with Sandra all did their PADI Deep Adventure Dive and are now on their way to become PADI AOW's.

See you soon and all the best... The Team of Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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