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Manta Queen VI, Trip 11 A whale of a good time...

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Manta Queen VI, Trip 11 A whale of a good time...

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With a North heading on Captain P.Tums compass, we headed for Koh Tachai.  The Koh Tachai Pinnacle "The Dome" was a mind blowing experience with some enjoying a Whale Shark for almost the entire dive  The experience touched us all and instantly produced an electric vibe on the boat.  To see one of these magnificent creatures is a dream for many divers, some lucky enough to see one on an AOW course, while others devote thousands of dives never to see!  Swirling schools of Barracuda and further Whale Shark sightings kept our 3 dives at Koh Tachai full of excitement.




With good weather on our side... a total of 3 dives took place at Richelieu Rock.  This place amazes me more and more with every visit :)  You could dive here non stop and always find something new! Here, a diver may only complain about in which direction to look!! 





What an unbelievable trip... thanks to all guests aboard MQ6 Trip 11, dive staff, and Thai crew!  A big shout out to our certified AOW students Alister, Esse, and Michael.  Also, a big thanks to our very own Lucy and Judith for taking some amazing underwater photographs and videos.








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