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Manta Queen III Is Back!!!

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Manta Queen III Is Back!!!

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 The diving was amazing, as always. Multiple White Tip Reef Sharks were spotted in the first few days, at classic Similan Island sites like Anita's Reef and Christmas Point. Frog fish were around again at West of Eden, and there was an absolutely huge Green Turtle that came around for a visit during the dive at Deep Six.

 The diving on the last two days took us to Tachai Pinnacle, Richelieu Rock, Hin Luang (AKA Koh Bon Pinnacle), and the Boonsung Wreck. The octopus seemed to be out in force at each site, seemingly everywhere you looked. We even saw a mating pair on Koh Bon Pinnacle down at about 28 meters. I guess that means that there will be even more octopus there soon! :-) Of course all the usual suspects were out and about, plus huge schools of Barracuda, Trevally, Fusiliers, and Snappers. The marine life has been abundant so far this season, and the seas flat and calm. I suppose this leaves us with only one thing to do... We leave again tomorrow for another wonderful four day trip. Come and join us on Manta Queen III!!!


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