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Manta Queen II, North Tour Baby

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Manta Queen II, North Tour Baby

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Lunch was served and we headed north to Koh Tachai where we did dive number three and a sunset dive on Koh Tachai Pinnacle aka “The Dome”.

The Dome had some current for us, but with current comes fish. This divesite changes all the time and if you ask any of the guides most of us will say that it is our favourite.


Giant Trevallies, Blue Spotted Trevallies, Golden Trevallys, Tunas, Trumpet Fish and finishing the dive at the top of the Dome at around 12 meters it feels like you are in a aquarium, but this is real life guys and it is awesome. 




The morning dive on the second day we were still at Koh Tachai and jumped in for our last dive on the Dome where we were allowed to go a bit deeper than the previous dives, chilling out at 30 meters on the south side where there was a highway of trevallies and big schools of Barracudas relaxing with us for half the dive. Amazing!





Richelie Rock here we come!


Three dives were done here but it’s okay because on every dive we see something new and interesting and we can explore the divesite at different depths and sides. During the dives we see our common friends such as Tiger Egg Cowrie, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Bent Stick Pipefish, Jan’s Cleaner Pipefish, Orange Spotted Pipefish, shrimps and moray eels of different species. Richelieu Rock never lets us down.




After surfacing from the beautiful sunset dive we enjoy dinner as we sail back to Koh Bon where in the morning we are diving Koh Bon Pinnacle, aka Hin Luang.

But with strong currents this morning we miss the Pinnacle and on captain’s suggestion together with the dive staff, we decide to dive the West Ridge again which is always a pleasure.


Last dive of the trip takes us to Boonsung Wreck, a very old wreck which has become a nursery and attracts a lot of fish for us to look at. Special findings here are Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Schools of Porcupine fish, Spearing Mantis Shrimps and our friend Curious George, a grouper who swims up to you and looks you straight in the eyes, swims of and sometimes follow us for at least half the dive. George is cool!








Last but not least I would like to congratulate our new Nitrox divers Carol and Darrel. Jeremy and Noemi can now dive to 30 meters after completing their Adventure Deep dive and I would like to welcome Pavel to the diving community after upgrading his Scuba Diver to an Open Water certification and even completing his Advanced Open Water course with us onboard.

 Hope to see you all again and keep on diving and exploring the wonders of the underwater world.






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