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Manta Queen I, trip #7

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Manta Queen I, trip #7

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Three More to go today, including a visit to our friends,the Frogfish at West of Eden, another one to the Swim Throughs and Channels at Deep Six and the last one to the nocturnal creatures of Hideaway. Dinner, logbooks and Russian Songs thanks to Mr Russia and friends. Beautiful!!

Now ready to jump at Elephant Head Rock where thanks to the Full Moon the current appear turning the area in a Roller coaster of fun and action...can we do it again???. No, patience, plenty of places to explore and miles to travel north.


But before that a stop at Donald Duck Bay for our beach time and a dive at Three Trees, where again the Resident School of Barracudas Delighted us with a impressive tornado around few groups. Third one in Koh Bon, where the amount of plankton made us dream with the Manta Rays, the season is coming!!!!. And last one, and first Sunset dive at The Dome (Koh Tachai), plenty of action around the pinnacle and in the reef, with Octopus fighting for the dinner, scorpionfishes disputing their territory with Coral groupers.....and a Leopard Shark swimming around several groups, great like always.



Now we are ready for our third day, Sunrise dive at The Dome again before our three ones at Richelieu Rock with another great visibility with waves of plankton coming eventually blowing our mind with the hopes of the big fish coming over...., we feel the moment is really really close.


But anyway, Richelieu is always surprising us with new gifts, Ornate Ghostpipefish, Slender Seamoth, Bentstick Pipefish, Pharaoh Cuttlefish, Day Octopus, Tiger Egg Cowries, Multibar Pipefish, Barracudas, Ribbon Eel, Pink Devil Scorpionfish and a great moment to remember when a Coral Grouper try to scare away a Bearded Scorpionfish who didn´t like the flash from our cameras, the guy jumped towards the camera to let us know wasn´t happy with the situation but the coral grouper appear straight away to push him away. But the situation didn´t finish there, the grouper followed him 5 meters down until they arrive at the bottom and face each other few seconds until the Scorpionfish decide wasn´t in a mood for a fight and swim away even further.


After our day at Richelieu we headed back to the mainland with a change in our schedule, this time the plan is to spend the last day wreck diving. First one at Boonsung Wreck with our usual friends, Marbled Ray, Kulh´s Stingray, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Crocodile Fish, Shortnose Pipefish, Spearing Mantis Shrimp.....etc and second one in Premchai Wreck, sunked in 2001 in purpose for recreational diving is year after year becoming more and more interesting. Now even the main part of the wreck cracked giving more area to explore. Great to find Orangutan Crabs, a lot of Crocodile Fish, Pipefishes, Flounders, soles....etc, our second prefered fish soup.


Congratulations to Manuela, Andrew, Karen & Yu Li, our brand new Advanced certified Divers, Robin and Maia, fresh Open Water & Adventure Deep divers and Tonny & Susanne, Nitrox divers. Thank you for this last 4 days guys.



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