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Manta Queen I trip 5

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Manta Queen I trip 5

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Second day, Elephant head Rock is giving us the right energy for the day, and after this stunning place with such a peculiar underwater formations we stop in Donald Duck Bay to have 1 hour in the beach, where all our costumers enjoyed the white sand and great views from Sail Rock, the view point from the one you will be able to get great shoots of the bay and the surrounding islands.












After that we went to Three Trees, at the north side of island 9, where you will see the best coral in Similan Islands Archipelago, huge seafans, barrel sponges, clouds of glassfish, Barracudas, Napoleon wrasses, Kulh's Stingrays......etc. Now is time for the lunch while we are sailing to Koh Bon, where we dove the famous West Ridge, a magnet for the Oceanic Mantas, knowing in not the season yet we jumped in to explore the multiples cracks full of interesting stuff to find before we sail again further north to reach Koh Tachai island right on time to do our first sunset dive, where you will not know where to look because the amount of things going on over this pinnacle with a Dome shape, even a really curious Tawny Nurse Shark!!.





Third day, Richelieu Rock again, here we are again!!!!, each time we dive here we like it more and more, a lot of times we end up the day feeling we would not mind to do another dive more. We found again the Ribbon eel, the Ghostpipefish (plus another one, four in total with just 5 trips done, quite weird comparing it with the last season when this guys where appearing from December on, Pharaoh Cuttlefish, Octopuses (we can say without any doubt this trip was The Octopus Trip, such amount of this guys everywhere), Pineapple Fish, again the same Frogfish we found the last trip (check out the picture and try to locate it, crazy camouflage!!!), Spanish mackarel and even a Mobula cruising by..



















Last day???, yes...time is flying,is already here but we will not finish if is not with a grand finale. Hin Luang full of octopuses again, cuttlefish, Batfish, barracudas, and a Spotted Eagle Ray and after our way back to the mainland Boonsung Wreck, where we enjoyed our preferred fish soup, with octopus, Cuttlefish, Porcupine Fish, Marbled Ray and usual suspects.



Now, being back at the office,writing this lines and uploading the pictures we fully realize how great this trip was, great memories to keep and amazing people to keep in touch. Congratulations to Benjamin for fully archive the requirements for his Open Water certification and Ozgur and Christian for their Nitrox certification.

1 day to go for our next one!!!!


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