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Manta Queen I Trip #38, ¨if you like Piña Colada...¨

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Manta Queen I Trip #38, ¨if you like Piña Colada...¨

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Speaking about the Manta Show, few groups had Mantas at Hin Luang and West Ridge right at the beginning of the day, but the Show started in our second dive, with at least 4 Mantas playing around back and forth along the whole dive, such a great dive!!!!, was really hard to pay attention to other subjects like Napoleon Wrasses, Sea Snakes, Devil Scorpionfish....., with this guys around.


But Koh Bon wasn´t the only place where this Flyinng carpets appear, because few groups spotted in different dives at The Dome (Koh Tachai), where the current challenge the skills of everybody on board in 2 or the 3 dives we did over there. Luckily the formations around are giving us a lot of options to hide and enjoy the frenzy of Trevallies, Barracudas, Emperors, Tunas.....Hunting around.


Richelieu Rock delivers the typical goods like Seahorses, Harlequin Shrimps, Ornate Ghostpipefishes, again the Baby Clown Frogfish and Freckled one, Devil Scorpionfish, tons of Nudis and Pipefish and more Trevallies than normal around the rock.


The first day of the trip gave already to all of us the tips of how amazing this trips would be, having lucky encounters with several Sharks at Elephant Head Rock and West of Eden, Marble Ray at West of Eden, 2 Frogfish at West of Eden plus the 2 Clown Frogfish at Turtle Rock, 9 Ornate Ghostpipefish at Anita´s Reef!!!, Marbled Snake Eels, Ribbon Eels, Decorator Crabs, Octopuses, Turtle......


And special congratulations to our Brand new Advanced Open Water divers on Board, Chunli, Veronica, Eric and Fabian, well done guys


And of course, we almost forget about that Minke Whale we had around Richelieu Rock several hours, was great to see you around so close to the boat but sad at the same time to see how two dinghys from another boat chase you non stop, trying to cut your way, full speed around you....., seems everything is valid for just a picture.


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