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Manta Queen I Trip #37 - (14-Apr-14) - Unexpected surprises

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Manta Queen I Trip #37 - (14-Apr-14) - Unexpected surprises

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Similans are bringing more ghost pipe fish than last year for sure. Anita's Reef is full loaded with this guys. West of eden, Elephant Head rock bring us the same guests as always. Seamoths, Ribbon eels, Sting rays, Nudis, Mantis Shrimps... and a cockatoo is discovered in Turtle rock in the night dive plus our couple of clown frog fish  well together and more seamoths.




Next day first dive is divided in two dive sites, Hin Luang and Koh Bon North Ridge. In both of them there are amazing things awating for us. As I said, we did the proper manta call, and the two groups that jumped in Hin Luang sighted a peaceful Whale Shark on the top of the pinnacle and stay there for 30 minutes. This is the first Whale Shark we see in Hin Luang in this season. :D  The second group sighted 2 mantas and one of them was just at 30m deep slowly hovering the sandy bottom.




Second dive in west ridge bring more surprises, like 2 sail fish just in the first drop, and more mantas swimming in the thermo clines, white tip reef shark and marble stingray hidden in a hole.

We experience Koh tachai with a slight current in the first dive, but second and third dive we experienced the full power of it. "Full moon Koh Tachai". A river can be heard on the surface. Trained biceps are needed to go down by the line. The strength of the current is quite high. Still when arriving to the bottom, everything is OKEY!! :D this time we didn't spot any mantas or whale sharks.




Richelieu is empty, I mean, there is only our boat and MQVI, when in general there is average 6 boats. A bit of current, cold water, but brought everything we needed. 3 beautiful dives there, but our resident whale shark didn't show up.




Still another surprise is coming the next day, in the new wreck Prah Thon Wreck, close to main land, when a Whale shark passing by stayed with us like saying "I know couple of groups didn't see my friends, and now I am here for the rest". So everyone in the boat saw mantas and whale sharks and me, I am very happy with that. 




A bit of congratulations for those who passed the advance curse with us plus Nitrox curse plus those ones who did 100 dives and those who passed the Whale shark, Manta and Shark conservation specialty.

Amazing job and such a good fun!!



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