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Manta Queen I trip # 35 - (04/Apr/14) - Still out there!!!

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Manta Queen I trip # 35 - (04/Apr/14) - Still out there!!!

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We had a little change on the schedule due to the weather. We didn't go to elephant head rock and instead dove in Deep Six paying a visit to our old friends, our amazing couple of ribbon eels. Discovering that another seamoth came to the same spot where another seamoth was last season.


The amounts of green monsters coming right now is incredible, some times you see yourself looking at some macro stuff and suddenly looking at the blue... but its not blue anymore, its a storm under the water, a black green cloud coming towards you, and you have to decide if stay or run away.


We had all the macro we wanted, gosht pipe fish (a new one in the new wreck), seamoths, frogfish, ribbon eels, sea horses, nudibranches... but the ones that personally impressed me, it was the nudibranch in the new wreck, Janolus sp. I have never seen such a beautiful nudibranch (see photo attached). And as well a pair of bearded file fish in the same dive spot.


All that together I have to say that it's been a really really nice trip where we have a lot of fun with a group of 15 Chinese brining a lot of new things that we have never tried before, and all the people was  really nice.

Thanks everyone for this amazing trip.

 Isma  :D

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