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Manta Queen I Trip #34, The Manta vals, suite in Dome minor

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Manta Queen I Trip #34, The Manta vals, suite in Dome minor

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Another thing that amaze us this trip were this two Devil Scorpionfish kissing?, fighting?, mating?, what do you think?, were complitly  steady in that position.

Again we founded the tiny Clown Frogfish at Richelieu Rock, the other Clown at Turtle Rock (this one got into a fight and loose one eye this last days, we think with the other clown frogfish living in the same are because is not the first time we see them figthing), the Freckled Frogfishes at West of Eden and Richelieu Rock and the Spotfin Frogfishes at Boonsung Wreck.


The amount of Seamoths lately is outstanding, and we were really happy of seeing how Roger enjoyed this little fellas, West of Eden, Elephant Head Rock, Turtle Rock, The Dome, Richelieu Rock and Boonsung Wreck, quite a lot!!!

One of the highlights of this trip was as well the amount of boats we had around in different places, we dove complectly alone in several dive sites, like Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock, Phra Thong, Elephant Head Rock, Turtle Rock, even if usually we try not to jump with the same schedules of other boats, this time weren´t other boats around, then the feeling of having the place for us was amazing.


And of course, the private Manta Show we had at the dome, with 4 Mantas just for us the whole dive dancing around, chasing each other (the first time i saw a train of 4 mantas one behind the other one!!), what a dive!!!!, and lucky for us wasn´t the only one, the next one at the same place we had two of those mantas being even friendlier than before and another huge one coming to visit us in the Sunrise dive the day after.


What other surprises we had speaking about sharks and Rays this trip?, a Marbled Ray sleeping underneath Boonsung Wreck, a White Tip Reef Shark at Elephant Head Rock and a Jenkins Whipray at The Dome.


On Board, with a big mixture of nationalities, we had great moments, new friendships, a lot of Nipples Rubbed and memories to keep. Not forgetting all the new certified divers, like Luca, who finish his Open Water and Advanced, Mia her Advanced Course and Pauline, Laurent, Kurtis and Corinne, Brand new Nitrox certified divers.


What else did we see this last days?, like always the usual suspects make Similans so special, Ornate and Robust Ghostpipefishes, Cuttlefishes, Octopuses, Groupers, Barracudas Tornado, Tons of Nudis, Pipefishes, Snake Eels, Moray Eels, Lobsters, Decorator Crabs, Flounders, Spanish Mackarels, Batfish, Seahorses, Harlequin Shrimps...etc, etc.

Thank you everybody for coming, hope to see you back again.


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