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Manta Queen I Trip #33, Challenge Accomplished

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Manta Queen I Trip #33, Challenge Accomplished

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The Whale Shark appears in our Sunset dive at Richelieu Rock, such a goodbye gift from this stunning rock to us, totally the cherry on top the usual 3 dives over there.

A whole dive enjoying the dance of this 5 meters female, who after several trips identifying her at Richelieu Rock we decided to call Bobtail.


Of course Richelieu Rock delivers more things in the first two dives, seahorses, Harlequin Shrimps, Bentstick Pipefish, again the smallest Frogfish ever!! (you can get a good size reference in the picture below), Cuttlefish, octopuses, Ribbon Eel, Freckled Frogfish.....etc


Other Highlights of this trip were again the amazing night dive at Turtle Rock, never stop amazing us, with Clown Frogfish, Robust Ghostpipefish, Seamoth, Decorator Crabs, Lobsters, etc.....together with other suspects we spot in our first day like Ribbon Eels, Turtles, Marbled Snake Eels, Ornate Ghostpipefishes, a Picachu Nudibranch at Elephant Head Rock!! and a Cockatoo Waspfish sharing the same rock with a baby Seamoth at West of Eden. Not forgetting the spotting of a Common Seahorse while we were doing the safety stop at Anita´s Reef, that actually wasn´t the only one, another one at Koh Bon North Ridge, are you coming or going little fellas?


Last day we dove like usual at Hin Luang to pay a visit to the Stonefishes and with the sighting of a Marbled Ray at the Deep Ridge, those guys are getting so use to the divers that they don´t mind to cruise among us.

And this time we decide to go to Premchai Wreck instead of Boonsung after realizing the amount of boats going to the first one, being at the end the only ones diving it we enjoyed this our last dive with barracudas, spearing mantis shrimps, Crocodile Flatheads, Shortnose Pipefish, Cuttelfish, Orangutan Crab....etc


Again back to the pier with a another great trip to tell about and quite a lot Brand new certified Nitrox divers and Advanced, don´t hesitate to ask for Nitrox if you want to enjoy this amazing season with us, if you never try it you will not regret it, the way to go!!!


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