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Manta Queen I Trip #32, Thunderstruck

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Manta Queen I Trip #32, Thunderstruck

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Third one at Richelieu Rock, 2 new Frogfishes, one incredible tiny Clown Frogfish (Thank you Lianne for this one),  and a Freckled one living within the Brands of a Tubastrea Coral.


And now of course, the Big weapons!!, Mantas and Whale Sharks, with a amazing dive at Koh Bon West Ridge our second day, with at least 3 Mantas and a Whale Shark appearing for half of the boat!!

But thats not all, few groups had Mantas in different dives at Koh Tachai, The Dome, and in Hin Luang our last day, this one quite white, beautiful!!!!.


And wait fo it, as well two Whale Sharks in our first dive at Richelieu Rock, seems are being quite common over there the last days.


In Hin luang we had several other visitors apart of the Manta Ray, a Marble Ray and several crazy Green Monster, creating a great frenzy around the rock, perfect moment to enjoy the showand locate both Stonefish while we were hiding behind the rock.


And to finish, of course, our beloved Boonsung Wreck, with our friends the Ornate Ghostpipefishes, Seamoths, Spearing Mantis Shrimps, Crocodile Flatheads, Pipefish, Orangutan Crabs, Spotfin Frogfish, Barracudas, Razorfish and tons of life.


Again back to the pier with a boat full of smiles and brand new certified costumers, Congratulations to Cristina for her Open Water Certification, Matthias, Chen and Lin for your Advanced and Erwan for your Nitrox one.


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