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Manta Queen I Trip#29, 21 Ways to rub your nipples

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Manta Queen I Trip#29, 21 Ways to rub your nipples

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Even our snorcheller on board enjoyed the Whale Sharks, and the Mantas we spotted in Koh Bon and…wait for it….in West of Eden, because we had three encounters with them, one in our second dive of the second day, another one the first one of the last day and the one in West of Eden our first day, such a surprise for the lucky teams. Kapppoomm, check and check!!!!!!


What about the Rays and Sharks?, not counting the typical Kuhl´s Stingrays we saw a huge Marble Ray at Hin Luang, and two different White Tip Reef Sharks at Elephant Head Rock.


The macro lovers had their part too, with plenty of Ornate Ghostpipefish everywhere, seamoths (West of Eden, Elephant Head Rock, Richelieu Rock and Boonsung Wreck), pipefishes,  Ribbon Eels (West of Eden & Richelieu Rock), Frogfishes (with another new Clown Frogfish at Turtle Rock), Crocodile Flatheads, etc etc.......


Just a negative remark to do is the behavior of another boat with our same schedule, who were busted twice behaving in the worst way possible, firstable in Koh Bon RIDING A MANTA!!!!, and in Richelieu Rock harassing and even touching the Whale Shark, shame on you instructors from that boat, who allowed this behavior and because one of you was the one doing the riding.


In this last days we had several costumers doing different kinds of trainings on board, and of course everybody archive with a great success all the requirements for the different courses, like Leon and Li Wang, congratulations for your Nitrox Certification, Marie for your Open Water diver one and to all the new Advanced Open Water divers, Marie, Alexandre, Lars, Erik and Bruno.





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