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Manta Queen I Trip#28, Hands in the air

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Manta Queen I Trip#28, Hands in the air

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But before this one we jumped at Koh Bon, some groups in the Ridge and some in the Pinnacle (Aka Hin Luang), where we had one of the surprises of the Season, 3 Massive Marble Rays (2 males and 1 females) in what looks totally like a mating dance. We stayed 15 minutes in the deep rocks next to this guys (few times their tails were passing few centimeters above our heads) watching their dance and being unnotice, sure they had another things in mind.


The day before was Richelieu Rock day, with a first one at The dome with the stronger current of this season so far, like a river!!!!, luckily the lines made our life easier to go down and find shelter among the granite boulders. Crazy actions and 2 White Tip Reef Sharks hunting in the madness created in the expose side of the rock.


Richelieu Rock gave us the expected for all, Seahorses, Ghotpipefishes, Harlequin Shrimps, Pipefishes, a new baby Seamoth, Bumblebee Shrimp, Ribbon Eel, Cuttlefishes, Octopuses, Devil Scorpionfishes and the action around the rock in Sunset time. Sure bet, never fails!!!!!



The day before, our second day, we focussed around Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, were few groups spotted Manta Ray, Barracudas, Ribbon Eels, Ghostpipefishes (is seriously crazy the amount of new ghostpipefishes every single trip, outstanding) , White Tip Reef Shark, Trevallies, Sea Snakes,  good currents and a lot of action.


Now we arrive to the very first day, where after the general dive briefing we dove in Anita´s Reef, West of Eden, Elephant Head Rock and Turtle Rock, with several Frogfishes, Seamoths, Leopard Shark, White Tip Reef Shark, Ghotpipefishes, Ribbon Eel, Winged Pipefish, Green and Hawksbill Turtle…..Perfect way to start the day.


Congratulations to Colin, Gu Juan and Lan Lan for becoming Advanced Open Water divers on Board with us, you did it great!!!!


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