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Manta Queen I Trip #21, Manta, Clown Frogfish & School of Ghostpipefish ;-)

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Manta Queen I Trip #21, Manta, Clown Frogfish & School of Ghostpipefish ;-)

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Another really special think we spotted was a Juvenile Clown Frogfish, at Elephant Head Rock, white and red (the one you can see at the picture above), just 1 cm big we can say is the cutest frogfish of this season so far. Nice!!!!!


For the macro lovers one of the most special things together with the Ghostpipefish and Frogfish was this huge nudibranch (Starry Asteronotus), actually we could discuss if we can keep it within the macro life or is already out of this category, because is one of the biggest nudibranches i saw.


Within the Rays & Sharks categories we spotted 2 Marble Rays at Elephant Head Rock, Kuhl´s Stingrays at Anita´s Reef, West of Eden, Deep Six, Elephant & Three Trees, 1 White Tip Reef Shark at Elephant. And of course, the Manta Ray at The Dome.


For the rest all the usual suspects made appearance, Seamoths, Napoleons, Sea Snakes, Turtles, Barracudas…….etc. 

Congratulations to our brand new Open Water Divers, Nina, Li & Yang, to our Deep Adventure Divers, Nina, Henry, Simone & Jan and to our Advanced Divers, Li & Yang. Good Job guys!!!!!


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