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Manta Queen I, trip #17, Love is in the.....water?

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Manta Queen I, trip #17, Love is in the.....water?

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But is not finishing there, in Koh Bon we stayed 2 minutes seeing how a Peacock Grouper was chasing away a Bearded Scorpionfish, the poor one was jumping from one rock to another one and trying to looks scary towards the Scorpionfish, but didn´t work at all the several times he try it. But the best was in our sunset dive at The Dome, where we stayed 20 minutes with a couple of mating octopuses, after 10 minutes the female approach one of the divers who was filming the whole scene and tried to steal his Go Pro, we had so much fun seeing the footage on board afterwards. But this dive was one of those ones where is hard to decide where to look, because while we were with the octopuses, the local school of Chevron Barracudas was doing hunting tornado above the pinnacle, stunning when almost all of them attack a group of fusiliers!!!!


Now is time for Richelieu Rock, where instead of octopus we founded a group of cuttlefish mating, the main male was protecting the courted female from other 3 males, even 2 of them had 3 times a big fight that other male almost use to steal the female....good try. But is not the last surprise we founded, what is going on this days????, love is totally in the water. The male Peacock Mantis Shrimps were displaying his power to attract the females hitting constantly pieces of coral without any sense (actually we learned about this behavior this trip)

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_2817.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9130.JPG

If we have to leave a bad note about this days, and not leaving apart the concept of this post, the only thing come to my mind is the behavior of few diver we saw underwater, not paying attention of what they were breaking and doing. Remember, we are guest on this place and we have to treat everything with respect, is not a zoo or a amusement park, first thing we all must do is to master our underwater skills before we approach the coral, that coral which take so long to grow and is so easy to destroy. Watch for your behavior and everybody´s else, we all can learn from the wise advise of others, don´t hesitate to explain to whoever you see not behaving properly what they are doing wrong and why. We all want to enjoy this amazing underwater world, remember, don´t touch the coral and marine life, don´t chase or harass them neither.


Together with all this we spotted in this our first trip of the year Frogfish, Ribbon Eels, Ghostpipefishes, Harlequin ShrimpsFlatheads, Pipefishes, Seamoths, Turtles, Rays, Snake Eels, lobsters, etc........., and of course, with such a great group of costumers on board can´t be a better way to start this new year.


Congratulations to our brand new Advanced and Nitrox certified divers Brian, Paul, Keith, Patrick, and Nitrox divers Sergey and Artem.

Tomorrow we go out again!!!!


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