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Manta Queen I trip # 13

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Manta Queen I trip # 13

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First dive of the trip, Annita's Reef. I still cant believe what we saw in that dive. Submerged in the waters around 24m, suddently an spectacular manta ray passing over, around 5m deep. In these two season here I haven't seen any manta rays in Annita's Reef, so my state of shock last the whole day long.


So if starting the trip, we see a manta ray, what else is gonna happen to us latter in the north? Thats what we think.

Before the day is finish, the sunset is coming and the surprise is getting ready. Everybody to the bow of the boat. People think there is gonna be a standar group photo, but instead, an ENGAGMENT PROPOSAL happens there. Everybody smile, giggle and the girl proposed said YES!!!! :D see attached photos.










North is far, but we want to make it as soon as we can, so the first dive of the 2nd day, we dive in North Point, were gorgonias and sea fans are spectacular, bigger than any others, and watching them almost you can lose your regulator. This dive always get me the mind set of  "SHARKs and STING rays". Lets go to the deep part, and then travel to the north pinnacle. And... 2 white tips are waiting for us there, sleepping. First time I see them so quiet. No movement. Such a beautiful creatures.

Lets go north, Koh Bon. Amazing dive, no Mantas this time, but an amount of glass fish that you can not even imagine. You could swim in glass fish and get lost in them. I don't know why there were so many that day!!

Keep up north!! Koh Tachai plus full moon... means... no mercy with the current. Current is been strong, but nothing that cant be handled with a bit of experience. Beautiful colors amazing giants trevallies hunting. Sunset dive the amount of fish in Koh Tachai is spectacular.












Next morning not good news. Richelieu is not accesible this day, strong wind is coming from west, waves are not small, and boats already tried the day before and took them 7h to reach there. So we dicided to go back south, Koh Bon, were luckly a beautiful Manta Ray was hanging out and stay for a while with one of the teams.

Have to say that I had so much fun this trip, people is been very very nice, and I think every body enjoyed their first but not last experience in a liveaboards.











Special congratulations to Morgan, Tania and Jette to become Nitrox divers and Pim and Ching to become Deep Divers in this trip!!! Well done guys.

Lets keep on diving and enjoy the beautiful underwater world!!!

Ismael Romero  , (forgive my typos  :D)



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