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Manta Queen I, trip #11 (MANTA!!)

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Manta Queen I, trip #11 (MANTA!!)

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Now is time to visit Donald Duck bay to enjoy again the sunset from Sail Rock, relaxing time at the beach with a great postal picture evolving in front of you. Beautiful like always. And as last dive again Lobster city, or formerly know as Nam Chai or lastly for us Eagle Rock. With the usual amount of lobsters, crabs, moreys, Scorpion fishes and small night creatures.


Our second day started at North Point, where a early visit to the outer pinnacle gave us the expected reward, 3 White Tip reef Sharks and a massive Jenkins Whipray, plus the usual suspects lie pipefishes, sea snakes, barracudas and Turtles. And followed by Koh Bon, and Koh Tachai, where a surprise was waiting for us at the top of the pinnacle, a 5 meters Manta Ray who gave a great show to several groups making invisible the rest of the local suspects like barracudas, groupers, Moray Eels....etc, and a white tip reef sharks who seems to try to get attention from us in our second dive, jealous maybe for the attention gave it to the Manta?, no worries, we got more and more for marvelous encounters like this ones, bring it on!!!


Third day and we are more than ready for Richelieu Rock!!, 3 amazing dives with again great discoveries, like a Baby Ornate Ghostpipefish, a Toadfish again (this time with picture), Devil Scorpionfishes, Ribbon Eel, our Yellow sunset Pipefishes and Cuttlefish and Octopus eveywhere. Thank you Jacques Cousteau!!!!

Second night dive at the Dome (first time we try it over there) was a heaven for the macro lovers, with arrow crabs, tiny octopuses crawling around, worms, reef lobsters......


Now is time for our last two dives, the first one with the usual negative entry at Hin Luang went great, Marbled Ray and the StoneFish with a brand new costume, Pink and White, fancy one fella!!! and the last one at Boonsung Wreck came with a lot of surprises. Ornate Ghostpipefish, Flatheads, Rays, Spearing Mantis Shrimps and another Freckled Frogfish!!!!!


















Helen, you turn to the dark side this trip becoming brand new Nitrox Diver, once you test in your flesh how good is being diving with Nitrox on trips like this one you will be not able to do it with normal air anymore, congratulations!!!.

And of course to the new Advanced divers Martin and

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