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Manta Queen I trip # 10

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Manta Queen I trip # 10

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Night dive in Honey Moon bay was incredible, seeing giant moray eels, cuttle fish, 5 massive lobsters, and the surprise of a Leaf Scorpion Fish that I have never seen in Similan.


We arrived to Koh Bon, and did two dives. The current allowed us to stay in the ridge to see an amazing group of 50 trevallies hunting around, tons of glass fish, and a couple of Napoleon Wrasses. It was a really nice dive.

The 3rd day after the news of the weather, and after the sun rise dive in Koh Bon Pinnacle we head back to Similan to do another 3 more dives. Christmas point and Tourtle Rock with its swim throughs, and a the last sunset dive in Eagle rock and my happy face after spotting a Eagle ray!!


The 4th day is so hard to wake up!! but we started with a nice North Point with no current at all and travel back to the cream of the cream called Boon Sung Wreck!!! personally my 2nd favorite dive site in the surroundings!!  always always always amaziiiiing dive and a really last nice taste of this liveaboard that makes you feel you need to come back!!! :D

We want to congratulate Kimi and Pummy to become new OPEN WATER and Deep Divers !!! ! and Hugo, Bao and Jonathan to become Advance Open Water divers!!!!! wooohuooooo!! Congratulations guys and keep on diving and discovering the amazing underwater world!!


For me, its been an amazing trip and really good fun with our guests.


Thank you all for this amazing and fun trip, hope to see you soon again!!! :D

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