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Manta Queen I is back!!, trip 9

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Manta Queen I is back!!, trip 9

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Second day and we were already at Koh Bon, ready to practice the negative entry to enjoy Hin Luang, where we discovered more surprises, a Reef Stonefish and octopuses having fun all around. Second one at the West Ridge, where the octopuses were taking really seriously their today task, Napoleon wrasse, Devil scorpionfish, sea snake and another turtle trying to mimic a rock, even with all the groups passing to say hello seems was satisfied with the performing.


Now ready for The Dome of Doom (Koh Tachai), and yes!!!!, the resident school of Chevron Barracudas were there to delight all our costumers, reminding us a battalion protecting this stunning pinnacle with a Dome Shape, the top was complectly covered!!!.

Time for Richelieu, third day and this time we started with the dives there instead of another one at The Dome. And like always RR deliver a amazing amount of schooling fish together with other special creatures like a Toadfish!!!, new Ghostpipefishes, pineapple fish, Bentstick Pipefish, Cuttlefishes.....


After that fest we came back to Koh Tachai to explore the second pinnacle, with turtle, barracudas, and as second sunset dive Koh Bon, where we enjoy a easy current with the formations of trevallies and tunas.

We know, the last wake up call is a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness, last day of diving but with a cherry waiting for us just miles away from Tablamu, Boonsung Wreck, temporal vortex where your dive time will be sucked into this fish soup, still being surprising for us how fast the time is passing over there.


With the cherry already on place we just need the seasoning, our new brand certified divers on this trip. Andrew, Kelly and Carlin, great job earning your Nitrox certification and Gautman, Jean Andre, Anne-Sophie, Sophie, Francoise for your Advanced one.

Thank you all for this great trip!!!

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