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Manta Queen I, her third trip

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Manta Queen I, her third trip

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A little bit cloudy the second day morning?, no worries, false alarm, again the sun came out with full power to join us in our beach break, is so great to be there right before the people is arriving from the mainland, is making it twice enjoyable. After that a nice dive in our particular massive Sea Fans place before we started to head north to Koh Bon. But, wait, what is going one this last trips?, is plenty of Minke Whales everywhere, we spot one group in our way to Koh Bon, another one while we were doing our first sunset dive at Koh Tachai and the last one next to Richelieu Rock, thank you very much for your visit, we really love to see you playing, breaching or just passing by close to us, is a pleasure.


Is coming, is coming, most of our costumers are looking forward to dive in this place and here we are, Richelieu Rock in our third day. And you will not have one or two dives, if not three to enjoy properly this stunning place, are you wondering if is really worthed?, do not waste time and come to see it for yourself, we assure you will be amaze. Schooling fish everywhere, tons of macro stuff and like i promise in our last post here is the Pineapple Fish Photo, isn´t  great?, i really love this little fella.  


Last day, two great dives in the yellow pinnacle and Boonsung Wreck (AKA Fish Soup) and a lot of people to thank for this last 4 days, not forgetting our clean up team who came with us on board to make sure every place was in perfect conditions after the very first clean up we did the first trip, you did a great job.


Justin & Erwin, guys, you are the last topic in this post but not the less at all, because we are really proud of the people who decide to continue his education with us on board, or like in your case Justin, to become brand new certified divers, you did it great!!!!. And Erwin, new certified Advanced diver, we hope you are taking with you together with your certifications tons of good memories, underwater experience and smiles.

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