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Manta Queen I, fourth trip

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Manta Queen I, fourth trip

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Our second day and we got already people to  congratulate, our brand new open water divers, Dorien, Katrien, Stephanie & Bart ,not a bad place to do it, isn't? We did our dives in Elephant Head Rock, Three Trees and Christmas Point before our first sunset dive in Koh Bon, the only island of this whole area made by limestone insted of Granite Boulders. Now dinner time with the delights P. Ben and Tip cooked with all their love for us. Yummy!!!!


Third day, Richelieu Day and again tons of discoveries and great visibility to get the most of our highlight. The most remarkable ones a new red Painted Frogfish, a new red Ornate Ghostpipefish and a black Ribbon Eel, did you know this guys can change gender few times in their lives?, they all born being males (black) and are able to become females as their needs (blue), if the ribbon eels is living long enough eventually will become again female (this time complectly yellow)


Sadly here we are, in our last day, but not before a visit to Hin Luang and Boonsung Wreck, where we were as lucky to spot Spotted Eagle Ray, Black Tip Reef Shark, Crocodile Fish, Cuttlefish, Hawksbill Turtle, Spearing Mantis Shrimp and the usual inhabitants of this great two places, see you in 4 days again!!!!!


We want to thanks to all the people who make this trip possible, you were amazing guys, and to all of you who make not just this one, if not every single one so great and special, our captain P.Cru, cookers, P. Ben & Tip, engineer Bao and Boat Boys, Keng, Pik & Kee.    


No worries, we will not forget you, Ryan & Raul, you did a great job in your Advanced certification, congratulations for that!, hope to see you again soon.


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