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Manta Queen I, Fantasy trip #23, Whale Shark & Manta!!!!!!

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Manta Queen I, Fantasy trip #23, Whale Shark & Manta!!!!!!

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Turtle Rock: We decided to change our usual third dive for one that is being a great surprise each time we dive it, and we can say this trip was the BEST on this place!!!!, we founded again the Clown Frogfish and Ornate Ghostpipefishes plus a huge Pipefish, bigger than the Bentstick but thinner, what are you????, and a Pipehorse!!!!!, not forgetting the Cockatoo Waspfish in the Night dive at the same place.  


Elephant Head Rock: With a interesting current testing the skills of everybody on board we glided through the Channels and Swim Throughs seeing Ghostpipefishes, Seamoths, Devil Scorpionfish, Juvenile Emperor Angelfish, Clown Frogfish....

Koh Bon: This is getting better and better.  Something in the water is telling us something great is coming, and we weren't wrong. After exploring the North Ridge to find again the couple of Ornate Ghostpipefish we spotted the last trip we had the visit of a Manta Ray, coming to say hello to several groups.


The Dome (Koh Tachai): Do you think that was all??, is just starting.., the first surprise we had was right before the dive, when we were ready to jump after the briefing and another boat crew started to shout to us pointing between the lines. We couldn't believe it... a MINKE WHILE over  The Dome!!!!!, we jumped hoping to see it but we weren't lucky to spot it close!!!,but the dive was a frenzy of fusilliers, barracudas and Trevallies everywhere. We did three dives over here, exploring different areas at different moments and deeps(Sunset, Sunrise).


Actually we founded new Ornate Ghostpipefish in the main pinnacle, schools of barracudas, Napoleon Wrasse but the best surprise was  in Sunset Time, a WHALE SHARK waiting for us at the top of the Pinnacle, we received a call from Manta Queen II who was moored over there and after a quick briefing we geared up in a record time. Challenging current (maybe the strongest one this season) but everybody managed to see this juvenile one (around three meters long).


Richelieu Rock: The conditions were with us again, great visibility, no current and again almost alone, just one boat more in the place, that is great!!!!, we located one more time the Seahorse, the new couples of Harlequin Shrimps, a new Ornate Ghostpipefish, Seamoth, Ribbon Eel and another Seahorse more!!!, this is getting better and better, we are having a lot of new encounters with seahorses related animals this last trips. Of course that wasn´t all, Richelieu is always full of life everywhere, making impossible sometimes to know where to look.


Hin Luang: A.k.a Koh Bon Pinnacle  was beautiful like always, with the Stone fish and all the schooling fish surrounding this underwater mountain.

Premchai Wreck: With better visibility than usual we enjoyed this last dive of the trip, crocodile fish, Orangutan Crabs, different kinds of Pipefish, a weird decorator crab and usual suspects of the area like cuttelfish, octopus......


Congratulations to Dmitry for fully archive all the requirements to get the Advanced Certification and to Peter and Liu for their Nitrox speciality and thanks to Team Slovenia for the good vibes and evenings full of fun.

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